MONZA - Luxury Faucet by Lamborghini

admin, July 23 2020

This tap is like a small sculpture with a body of strong character in PVD finish. The lever and the spout in carbon fiber make it an original and design object for modern environments. Lamborghini

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The Wolk Chair by Scarlet Splendour

admin, June 30 2020

The Wolk Chair is a giant cloud shaped chair in brass which becomes the conversation point in any space. It is almost surreal in appearance and an ergonomical triumph. Inspired by the rare mammatus clouds, the Wolk chair is designed for both style and comfort.  Scarlet Splendour

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Padma lamp by Barovier&Toso

admin, June 29 2020

Padma has been invented and designed to express harmony, a synthesis of parts, a synergy of contrasts. The balance of innovation and tradition, through the relationship between design and techniques of workmanship, drawing on the company’s heritage of know-how. The link exists in a new approach to those techniques, reinterpreted and utilized to g...

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Banzeiro Table by Sergio J Matos

admin, June 23 2020

Banzeiro Table design was inspired by the waters of the river Amazon. The sinuous shape invokes respect for nature. " Rio black is always calm, but at the end of the day it begins to have waves, which is called a Banzeiro " . Sergio J Matos

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Rider - Rocking Chaise Longue by Zanotta

admin, June 19 2020

Involvement of the senses in a perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology: the smell of leather, the softness of textiles and the comfort of materials. A small gesture of the foot generates the tilting movement, gives emotion and creates a special bond with the object. A continuous sign resolved in a unique, modern, clear, ironic form,...

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Bubbles - Marble Sink by Kreoo

Leszek Arkuszewski, June 18 2020

The “Bubbles” washbasin highlights the sinuosity and dynamism that can be achieved with marble and stone.‎  Both the shape and name were inspired by the light and pleasing visual of soap bubbles floating in the air.‎ Designer: Marco Piva. Kreoo

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Treforma Chair by JasonPhillips

admin, June 15 2020

Treforma chair is inspired by objects and the way they reflect and transmit light. The color of objects is determined by the parts of the spectrum of light that are reflected without being absorbed. JasonPhillips

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Egg - Luxury shower by EternityShowers

Leszek Arkuszewski, June 8 2020

“ A shell to protect and find yourself. An “alien” object inside of a planned environment, which you can look at in its own individuality. A split in the Egg allows the entrance, the possibility to go back to the roots, where everything is completely pure and white. You can communicate with the outside, protect yourself from adversities, reactivati...

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4OLGA - Incredible chair by Sawaya Moroni

Leszek Arkuszewski, June 7 2020

This incredible chair  is almost alive with very organic, flowing lines, is a piece of art as much as a functional, comfortable place to sit. SawayaMoroni

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Vetka - original design stool by Nuvist

Leszek Arkuszewski, June 5 2020

Structure shape of the Vetka stool is like dancing two branches with the twisting and rotating movement and connecting together at the final. Nuvist

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