Apollo shower head by Antonio Lupi

admin, April 29 2021

Apollo is a collection of shower heads that brings these two elements together, connecting them in a single composition of pure forms. It is a hybrid object in which neither function prevails perceptively: it is a lamp, but at the same time a shower head. Designer: Brian Sironi.  Antonio Lupi

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Lemni - sculptural chair by LivingDivani

Leszek Arkuszewski, April 19 2021

Somewhat furniture, somewhat sculpture, intimate and chic observatory on the world, Lemni reveals the desire to ease from superfluous weights and soar in the air, enchanting with its graphic vitality. Designer: Marco Lavit. LivingDivani

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Quizas by Altekitalia

Leszek Arkuszewski, April 7 2021

Quizas is inspired by the eternal game of the seduction. The enveloping and comfortable shapes protect and embrace, creating an intimate space. Designer: TechnicalEmotions.  Altek

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Volya seat by Nuvist

Leszek, March 21 2021

Volya has been inspired by concave surfaces in nature, its a balance between concave and convex surfaces like yin and yang. Nuvist

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Sage sofa by Kenneth Cobonpue

Leszek Arkuszewski, March 19 2021

Plush velvet fabric drapes gracefully over the frame of the Sage sofa like a leaf leisurely resting on the earth. Inspired by Thumbelina and her story, Sage elevates comfort to a memorable experience, making reality much more magical. Kenneth Cobonpue

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024 Freestanding sink by Antonio Lupi

Leszek Arkuszewski, November 10 2020

The repetition of the shape that generates beauty, the uniqueness of the natural material that becomes a project through the thought of man, technological evolution and the quality level achieved by contemporary processes. This is how the 24 parts of 024 are formed, the freestanding sink, born from the assembly of segments of Carrara marble or Ne...

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Infinito by Natuzzi

admin, November 4 2020

Infinito came into being thanks to the idea of cross-pollination and to an almost impossible challenge – taking the core aesthetic of one of the most powerful symbols for the human race and turning it into an object that has a strong symbolic value. Designer: Marc Antonio. Natuzzi

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Aura and Astro - Unique sinks by Antonio Lupi

admin, October 9 2020

A natural element that changes its shape over time, a volume that molds, transforms and recomposes itself to find a definitive image, liquefied but solidified at the same time. The water conditions and its fluid image that describe the concept of Aura and Astro, the two new freestanding sinks designed by Marco Piva. Like an ice cube that slowly m...

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Roccia - Uniquely shaped tub by ZADitaly

admin, October 4 2020

Have you ever bathed in a canyon? Here, now you can do it directly at your home. With the Roccia freestanding bathtub. Bathtub with slightly angular and decisive but at the same time soft lines, reproduces a small canyon that will add value to your bathroom that is unique in the world.

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Dali - Sculptural lamp by Italamp

admin, August 19 2020

The lamp stands as a jewel sculpture that falls softly from the ceiling just as a precious necklace falls from a person's neck. The lamp is inspired by the art of Salvador Dalì, from which the name derives, and is a tribute due to the formal inspiration coming from his famous painting "the persistence of memory".

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