Floating by ZeValife

Floating with a steel structure hidden in either side of the cover board supports the tub to form the hover effect, making the space bright and transparent.The cocoon shape with a surface design inside supports the body in the most comfortable way, which makes people feel more relaxed and closer.  Zevalife

zevalife-birth (1)


Origin by Zevalife

Inspired by the beginning of a life, the Origin Series is designed with elegant and comfortable style. It brings out the tastes of advanced, surreal, energetic, simple and innovative to people, so the Origin Series can explain the beginning of a life. Zevalife

zevalife-origin (1)


SCRIPT by Zevalife

Script as a basin tap, combines the art of “Chinese calligraphy” and the technology of “Black Titanium. Beautify the life of the art of Chinese calligraphy. The innovative “detachment” structure simplifies the design. “11° angle” makes the user more comfortable. Zevalife

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