Shine by Caleido

Shine-illuminating radiator from Caleido A combination of steel plates (that come in white or black) and LED lights, James Di Marco produced a spectacular radiator that fits  into any room, including bathrooms with an option of a support base for towels and clothing to be hung. Radiator Shine is a revolutionary piece of the ever changing market. 


Skema by Antonio Lupi

 Skema is a modular fireplace that is born from the desire to understand what is the right size for it to become a good project. Skema’s functions are split and made be free, independent: it is possible to combine brazier, firewood case and open spaces as you like with customized and interchangeable solutions manufacturing a precisely made fireplace that is oriented on the right, on the left or centrally with spaces holding firewood and open spaces on both sides. Antonio Lupi



Pavè by Kreoo

Design declined into new forms of comfort and different composition, Pavè is the new seating system made by layering a natural marble base and seat in bleached larch wood. This  interesting sitting ideas (Pave)  are for in or outdoor. Base in marble top in wood. The two rotate 360. Kreoo

kreoo-pave (2)


Isola Linear by Toyo

This Kitchen from Toyo Isola Linear demonstrates a modern way to dine. The kitchen design consists of mostly all linear objects. Conceivably, kitchens are becoming a more comfortable and artistic place to prepare and consume food. The kitchen features Venetian Glass Mosaics and engravings that append a more sophisticated look to the linear trend. Toyo