Structure by Steinberg

Structure” is a faucet which overcomes by a remarkable design approach and a completely new water supply the accustomed materiality of a sanitary object. Following a trend in architecture and design of the faucet body is transferred into a skeletal, lightweight design. Designer: Michael Schneider. Steinberg


Marecucina by Alno

This unique kitchen‘s elegant form pays tribute to the maritime lifestyle. An association which we have intended symbolically: every member of the crew counts both at home and on a ship sailing at full speed. Alno



Casa Zen by Bertolotto

A door is unique as a work of art. On the door, a sand sculpture is shaped, colored and enlivened by the artist, Mr Elio Garis. Seven models with different shapes and colors. To complement the range, the molten glass takes up lines and movements of the collection.  Bertolotto

bertolotto (5)


Argento Vivo by Gedcucine

Argento Vivo contrasts linearity with soft forms. They appear alongside each other and blend together spectacularly. The design takes advantage of the exceptional chemical and physical properties of the materials. This can be seen in the 24 mm thick satinized tempered glass doors in a range of seven colors and in their frames, which are made of black aluminium that is anodized or coated with epoxy resins, for outstanding resistance to corrosion. Gedcucine

  ged-cucine-argentovivo (5)