The Tree by dab

The tree light family is designed as a linear, sculptural standing and suspension lighting concept with its aesthetical origin in the abstraction of shapes in nature. Designer: Verner Aisslinger.   dab

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Travertino by Marti

Monoblock tap with ceramic cartridge and flow limiter, in various shapes and designs. It is made from Travertine marble and slate combined with IPE wood, also in brass and a variety of linings and glass. Natural beauty  exceptional and exclusive series: travertine and natural stone slate, with any of both options will feel special. Marti1921

marti1921-srg-nature (2)


Nabhi by Kreoo

 NABHI a beautifully shaped stone sink for a simple yet chic bathroom. This unusual shape adds tone and creativity to your bathroom. Its durable material guarantees a long-lasting creation. NABHI symbolizes the beauty and creates a stunning appearance in such a small space. KREOO



Concrete by Glass Idromassaggio

This beautiful new bathtub  from GLASS is perfect for any industrial styled bathroom, designed by Gigi Rose, is simply constructed from concrete material with a wooden platform keeping it in place. Its oval shape adds to the comfort of relaxing after a long day of work. CONCRETE’s simple design unites well with small areas but can as well in any other sizes.