Pluvia by Tenderrain

Huge concave shower head “unique in the world” (registered pattern), for a bracing “open sky” shower, able to embrace the silhouette and to show joyful effects of invigorating total wellness effect. Tenderrain


Albero by CeramicaFlaminia

A unique and different way to clean in a shower. This design is great for those who want a simple and chic shower with minimal upkeep requirements. However Shower Tree must have a large bathroom space to accommodate. CeramicaFlaminia


Philo by Treemme

Rubinetterie3m introduces a product with an intention to be environmentally friendly. PHILO is designed in such a way to reduce consumption of water by a wider surface area creating larger water flow. Designer: Gianluca Belli. Treemme

philo-1 (3)


Col-letto by Lago

How to make a bed that is comfortable and cozy, like a nest? The result is a soft foam ring around the mattress which can be rolled up or down like a pullover collar. This creates a visual and sound barrier where a person can relax, distant from everyday life.The mood can be set with the bending of the collar, from open to half-closed to completely enclosed private space.Designed by Nuša Jelenec. Lago