Nabhi by Kreoo

 NABHI a beautifully shaped stone sink for a simple yet chic bathroom. This unusual shape adds tone and creativity to your bathroom. Its durable material guarantees a long-lasting creation. NABHI symbolizes the beauty and creates a stunning appearance in such a small space. KREOO



Concrete by Glass Idromassaggio

This beautiful new bathtub  from GLASS is perfect for any industrial styled bathroom, designed by Gigi Rose, is simply constructed from concrete material with a wooden platform keeping it in place. Its oval shape adds to the comfort of relaxing after a long day of work. CONCRETE’s simple design unites well with small areas but can as well in any other sizes.


Web by Equasystem

Sink WEB is designed by D. Fedeli for Equasystem is one of the products that were presented at FuoriSalone 2010. This great addition to your bathroom keeps your bathroom neat and organized. With a digital input system and unique shape, this design has all the necessary aspects to a modernized bathroom.



Nastro by Ritmonio

The name tells the shape: the gracefulness of the movements and the charm of a ribbon, wheeling and describing sinuous curves in the air. The spout of the tap is like the human body that in a dancebecomes an instrument of artistic expression: moving, jumping, jumping, protracting and rolling about until the stage is filled up with imperceptible lines.  Ritmonio

ritmonio-nastro (1)