HEDO by Treemme

The HEDO’ series brilliantly combines classic forms with modern design to exalt the production capacity and quality of Treemme Rubinetterie. The fineness and elegance of the product lines make for a timeless design as the features of each series ensure versatility and adaptability to all types of bathroom.

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Hall by Artceram

 Hall is not a freestanding washbasin, but a reinterpretation of the basin to the column. Hall relies on hiding the flexible wall and discharge of water and so keeping a clean look. Artceram

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Miss by Hidra

Smooth surfaces, sinuous and curvaceous depict Miss the freestanding washbasin. Miss is an extremely ergonomic product that compliments the human body whilst washing. The front surface emerges from the bottom welcoming the feet and it develops for all its height shaping like a spoon with a flowing and dynamic unique movement. Hidra



Arche by Treemme

The Arche is a striking and elegant faucet designed by D. Fedeli.  With this faucet you are bound to make any bathroom sink beautiful. Arche, with its arch shape and one touch water switch has taken simplicity to the next level. Treemme