SO by Plavisdesign

This washbasin consists of laminated wood with aerial seams of the regular wood markings. With the dimensions of 610 x 430 mm, this small basin is best for more intimate bathroom layouts. SO brings the outdoors to your indoors with its clean and sleek design. Plavisdesign


Goccia by Gessi

Triple action shower-head is just what every shower head fanatic needs. GOCCIA is a three component shower-head that accommodates different options for water pressure. Instead of one shower head why not multiply by three and have relaxation and massage combined throughout your 20 min shower? Gessi took a different approach to the product through efficiency and not practicality. GOCCIA gives you everything you need in the time you spend alone.

Gessi-Goccia (2)


Casablanca by Palazzetti

CASABLANCA fireplace is the focal point of any room in your home. Its sleek yet sophisticated design feature stuns the eye.  Palazzeti strives to achieve your desired idea of a beautiful product, and with this fireplace you can be sure to conquer a unique interior design for any room.

palazzett-casablanca (1)


FRAME by Atmosphera

Relax, sit back and enjoy the weather. FRAME is comfortable lounge chair has everything you need for outdoor seating furniture. FRAME contains beautiful detailed design on the sides of the chair and includes a built in side table for storing and placing necessary items when sitting outside relaxing. The wheels on the chair and cart make allow you to move the item where desired. Atmosphera