Cup by ArtCeram

What a great way to start your morning by having this creative piece ready to freshen you up for the day. This washbasin CUP from ArtCeram comes in either black or white. It has a handle at the end of the washbasin to store your hand or face cloth. A convenient way to keep things effortless yet has a sophisticated look and trendy look.


Kalla by Mastella

This collection is meant for a delicate and simple bathroom interior. Mastella refined the meaning of curves, and did not stop at any limits. Mastella


OlimpiQ by Safretti

OLIMPIQ a fireplace that sets a cool and sexy tone to your living space area. It achieves an outdoors feel and standard yet can still have its place of indoor room. OLIMPIQ is a multifunctional fireplace by Safretti, where they strive to make their products unique and exclusive to ones tastes. These fireplaces burn potato-infused bio-alcohol and are certified safe.

safretti-olimpiq (2)


DoReMi by Frattini

DO-RE-MI is a three component shower-head that accommodates different options for water pressure. The product signifies efficiency through its multiple options. DOREMI provides you with that twenty-minute heaven before you go off to your busy day. Its chic appearance combined with a simple shower frame, gives a bathroom a luxurious look. Frattini