Alessi Swan by Hansa

ALESSI Swan by HANSA was designed by Mario Trimarchi, the Italian designer known internationally for his capacity to look at everyday objects like sculptures populating our household landscape. With ALESSI Swan  he created the most advanced solution for all homes where the kitchen plays a key role. From the functional standpoint, the faucet ensures perfect control on water flow. Hansa


Aria by Snaidero

Inspired by Nature, the ARIA kitchen aims to delivery beauty and efficiency in a minimalist yet sculptural design. The main structure is streamlined and chiselled, rising up diagonally from the base of the island to hold a low shelf and then intersect with the countertop. The structure then elevates above the work surface, creating additional shelves, and finishes parallel to the countertop in a circle of radiating light. The structure is made of carbon fiber, so it is at once light and very resistant to wear and tear. Designer: Pininfarina. Snaidero


Switch by Bongio

Its not a lamp, Switch is a tap-lamp. The profile perfectly mimics that of a table lamp. Perhaps better suited to be mounted in the kitchen. Designer: Federico Rossi. Bongio.

bongio-switch (3)


Eclipse by SiriusCappe

The wall hood ECLIPSE has two main geometrical figures: a two-dimensional figure made of glass, and a three-dimensional handmade figure in ceramic. The concept behind this hood is the cooperation between the industrial world and the handcrafting arts. Designer: Giacomo Fava.  SiriusCappe