Groove - Original Chair by Enne

admin, June 27 2015

Organic, the design of this chair makes vibrate the veins of the wood. A strong impression of the alive and the nature under fingers. A soft and warm touch at the same time. This chair leaves nobody indifferent. The nature and the hand of the man in symbiosis. The manifesto of a so precious and unique know-how. Enne

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ROUE by Emmemobili

Leszek Arkuszewski, June 16 2015

The bookcase ROUE, from French wheel, wants to play, celebrating the company’s know-how, always leader in the production process of bent wood. Three big bands are superimposed one upon another, creating a sort of modern pyramid, stabilized by a central big band and enriched by six circular storage units, which more than being a functional enrichmen...

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3D Printed Faucets by American Standard

admin, June 9 2015

American Standard Brands has cemented its position as a true innovator in faucet design and engineering with the launch of the first commercially-available faucets created with additive manufacturing, better known 3D printing.

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The Blueberry armchair by Carlo Colombo

Leszek Arkuszewski, June 2 2015

The Blueberry armchair  takes its name from the 220 crush pro spheres in polyurethane foam that cover the seat. Lined with technical fabric (bidirectional Teflon), the spheres are mounted on a wooden structure located inside the shell in scratch-resistant glossy ABS, colored in black and white or covered with a film that creates a steel effect. Car...

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Shoes - modern bathtub by ZADitaly

admin, May 1 2015

Go against the classic forms against the stereotypes of modern design bathtubs! Shoes is all of this. A new way of conceiving the freestanding bathtub. Soft and decisive lines give the Shoes design bathtub the added value that enhances your environment. Designer: Alessio Di Capua. ZADitaly

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LOL - Flower Shaped Chair by Arketipo

admin, April 30 2015

LOL is young, fresh and informal like the chat language, where acronyms evolve and change quickly. Its form reminds you of a semi-closed flower, in which comfortable and enveloping petals are tied together by large zips giving a distinctive character. Lively and cheerful with strong colors or daring contrast; cool and trendy with elegant tone on...

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Peacock chair by Visionnaire

admin, April 20 2015

A limited edition throne created in the image of a peacock, notorious for its dramatic beauty and sublime plumage. Designer: Marc Ange.   Visionnaire

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Mesh - A Lamp of Great Theatrical Impact by Luceplan

admin, April 19 2015

Mesh by Francisco Gomez Paz is a dramatic and highly innovative project that permits different lighting scenarios thanks to the control and regulation of luminance. The light, almost transparent structure composed of a network of metal cables with the LED positioned at their intersections conceals the complexity of the product, dematerialize it...

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Handy - Original Chair by Riva 1920

admin, April 17 2015

A happy marriage of technology and art, Handy offers a novel version of the classical wooden armchair with its rounded form and high back thanks to its sculptural qualities and its imposing “personality”, capable of determing the character of its surroundings. Designer: Antonella Scarpitta. Riva 1920

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Queen Elizabeth - Chair fit for the Queen by Fiam Italia

admin, April 14 2015

Fiam presents the chair Queen Elizabeth, one of the products of the new collection of furniture Veblen, created by designers Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli. Armchair with 10 mm curved glass structure and upholstered seat covered with leather or fabric. Fiam

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