Dueacca by Adriano design

A seemingly small cube of metal defines the innovation and modularity for Dueacca’s indoor and outdoor tap systems. Dueacca rewrites the concept of hydraulic system with pipes and taps hidden in plain sight to offer a whole new level of interaction with water in our homes, inside and outside its walls. Designer: Adriano Design.  Dueacca



Enzoo by Enko Creatio

Enko Creatio enters the world of childhood with surprising part: a funny animal named Enzoo … This rocking animal, by its abstract and pure form, is designed to unleash the imagination of children. The curves that draw on, erase all superfluous detail, highlighting the function and fluidity of movement. Enko




COBRA CHAIR by Bugatti

Iconic piece of the collection, the famous Cobra Chair, re-interprets in a contemporary way the early version designed and accomplished by Carlo Bugatti in 1902. This cutting edge and innovative chair combines back, frame and seat in a single element with curved and continuous lines, interrupted only by a gap conceived to contain the tails of a tailcoat referring to the purpose of Carlo Bugatti’s original version. Upholstered in cognac leather, the wooden frame has been replaced by a performing solution in carbon fibre painted in Blue Royale colour on the rear part. It is enriched by a blue leather piping and by the characteristic EB monogram. Bugatti

bugati-Cobra-chair (1)


Sam Son by Magis

Sam Son is an easy armchair with a hint of a cartoon character. Supported on four stilt legs, the armchair features a softly suspended seat shell between a giant, horseshoe-shaped element, the chair’s characteristic armrest and backrest. Made from two different rotational mouldings, the armchair combines a rigid plastic for its base and a more elastic polymer for the upper part. Designer: Konstantin Grcic. Magis

magisdesign-sam-son (1)